Keli Roberts exercising with a BOSU BallKeli has been a continuing education provider for ACE and AFAA since 1992 and has lectured and taught workshops and master classes around the world. Known for her ability to make complex information simple to understand. Instructors learn from Keli’s more than 20 years of coaching how to teach movement progressions. Fitness professionals worldwide follow Keli’s presentations at conferences.


The BOSU Fuse Workout will take your classes to the next level with balance infused strength exercises that emphasize total body control, perfect postural alignment, and dynamic flexibility. Fusing multi-joint exercises with movement in all planes of motion demonstrate how to integrate strength that transforms the way your students look, feel and perform. Fuse trains the body from the inside out, with every movement demanding core stability and strength. Learn how to teach movement sequences that shape and tone the whole body with powerful functional movement sequences that progress so you adapt as you train.

  • ACE .2 CEC’s (90 minute to 2hr workshop)
  • Equipment: BOSU Balance Trainer 1:1, light dumbbells 1 pair or BOSU Soft Touch medicine ball 1:1

Balance Infused Strength

Gliding Discs, The Body Bar and the Bender Ball creates a training environment that allows for the perfect blend of balance infused strength, for your group fitness classes. The Body Bar is incorporated with innovative, functional movements that enhance balance, postural stability and mobility for the upper and lower body.  Learn Gliding movement drills that progressively challenge the body’s postural muscles and balance to create a whole new level of core-focused training.

  • ACE .2 CEC’s (90 minutes to 2 hrs workshop)
  • Equipment: Body Bar 1:1 and Gliding Discs I pair

Small Group Training: Ultimate Program Design for the Upper Body and Core

Variety is the spice of like and meaningful variety is the key to improving fitness. Learn three different time efficient 30-minute class designs to enhance muscular strength, stability and endurance for the upper body and core. Each workout incorporates a multi-joint, multi-muscle functional exercise selection.  With Rubber Resistance, medicine balls and dumbbells you will learn how to program Push-Pull-Core, Super Sets and Giant Sets to create a whole new challenge for your classes, ready for Monday.

  • ACE .2 CEC’s (90 minute to 2hrs workshop)
  • Tubing with handles (SPRI Xertube), Figure 8 or SPRI Ultra Toner, Medicine Ball that bounces (all 1:1), Dumbbells 1 pair

Small Group Training: Ultimate Program Design for the Lower Body and Core

Cross training remains one of the most effective ways to condition the lower body and core. Learn how to keep your students bodies in a state of adaptation by creating meaningful variety in your classes. Using Rubber Resistance, a medicine ball and dumbbells you will learn three highly effective 30-minute programs that emphasize functional multi-planar, multi-joint exercises and drills. Goal specific Super Sets, Power Training and Compound training will challenge your classes in a whole new way. Logical movement progressions will demonstrate how to teach these programs safely and effectively for all levels of fitness.

  • ACE .2 CEC’s (90 minutes to 2hrs workshop)
  • Rubber Resistance tube with handles (SPRI Xertube), SPRI Xercuff or Ring, Medicine Ball that bounces (all 1:1)

KettleBell Basic Training for Group Fitness

KettleBell Basic Training for Group Fitness offers highly effective techniques for improving power endurance, total body coordinated movement and total cardiovascular conditioning. Learn why the Russian KettleBell have been used in training since the 1800’s and why it’s back and mainstream in group exercise and personal training. This workshop covers biomechanics and kinesiology followed by practical application. Each movement and progression is taught with an emphasis on safety and critical body alignment.  Take your group fitness classes to a whole new level with KettleBell Basic Training!

  • Equipment: 10-20lb KettleBell 1:1
  • CEC’s: ACE .2 (90 minute to 2hr workshop)

Meta Max Intervals

Blast away calories and train your core to the max with the BOSU Balance Trainer (or The Step)!  Instructors will learn simple, multi-level high intensity cardio drills with an emphasis on functional movement, balance and power. The core training techniques incorporate non-traditional exercises emphasizing focused movement. Develop muscular strength/endurance, equilibrium and body control for improved posture and alignment. Learn innovative drills and exercises that challenge the body through all ranges and planes of motion. Implement multi-level teaching suitable for all ages and populations.

  • Equipment: BOSU Balance Trainer 1:1 or The Step 1:1
  • CEC’s: ACE .2 (90 minute to 2hr workshop)

TBC BOSU® Ballast Ball: Total Ball Conditioning

A functionally strong body is the key to injury prevention and improved posture and alignment. This workshop focuses on specific exercises and drills that develop functional total body strength and isometric core stability. Dynamic and static balance challenges with upper and lower body drills and spinal extension work are integrated into a flowing program design for a whole new stability ball experience. The progressive exercise selection incorporates the BOSU Ballast Ball and dumbbells to provide resistance and an unstable surface. These techniques are adaptable for Group Exercise or Personal Training

  • ACE .2 CEC’s (90 minute to 2 hr workshop)
  • Equipment: BOSU® Ballast Ball 1:1, Dumbbells 1 pair

Glute Camp

Boot Camp for the Booty€¦ Medicine Ball and rubber resistance Interval training improves the cardiovascular system, enhances power endurance and has a high caloric expenditure. The program incorporates progressive total body physical execution techniques, plyometric progressions and exercise guidelines utilizing rubber resistance equipment and a medicine ball. Learn exercises and drills performed individually and with a partner, and are suitable for both personal training and group fitness settings. Learn critical body alignment, movement pattern, exercise progression and cueing techniques for each exercise in an interactive, hands-on training session.

  • ACE .2 CEC’s (90 minute to 2hr workshop)
  • Equipment: Medicine Ball 1:1

Turn your Toys into a Tool Box!

Are they tools or toys? This workshop turns toys into tools! Learn how to coach your clients how to maximize the effectiveness of every exercise to enhance integrated strength. In this intensive workshop you will learn five goal driven, functional program designs that offers fast results. Plug and play program design that offers limitless options to create goal-driven  strength cross training programming for personal clients or small group training. Keep people coming back for more by mastering the use of your tools!

  • ACE .4 CEC’s (4 hour workshop)
  • Equipment can include: Dumbbells, Gliding Discs, Body Bar, Step, BOSU Balance Trainer, BOSU Ballast Ball, Smart Bells, rubber resistance
    Can be adapted for time, content and equipment as needed

Boot Camp!

Athletic explosive movement that incorporates strength, agility, balance, power and quickness fit for a soldier, are put together and taught Boot Camp style. Learn Boot Camp drills that develop integrated strength, core power, postural stabilization and flexibility in an indoor or outdoor environment, with or without equipment.

Study the most up to date warm up strategies and techniques concentrating on active and dynamic stretches and dynamic movement to heat the body up and prepare the nervous system, muscles and joints.

This course focuses on drills that stimulate the nervous system and improve total body coordination. A conditioning phase of the workout utilizes athletic integrated movement to improve muscular strength and endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness, athletic ability, postural control and dynamic flexibility.

Instructors will learn:

  • Principles for athletic movement
  • A Boot Camp specific warm up
  • Drills to enhance quickness and foot speed
  • Exercises to improve muscular strength and endurance
  • Military based drills to enhance power endurance
  • Exercise options and correct use of a variety of equipment
  • 10 Boot Camp Training Principles, 3 different class program formats
  • Moves to increase power production as well as Plyometric exercises and drills
  • Integrated functional strength training

ACE 0.4 CECs (4 hour course)
All workshops can be taught either in a 2 hour format for .2ACE CEC’s or 75-90 minute convention formats.

Boot Camp Contact Info

  • For Indoor Cycling contact Becky Muck at
  • For branded BOSU Balance Trainer/BOSU Ballast Ball workshops please contact me directly
  • For a list of equipment needs please contact me at

KettleBell and Medicine Ball Complex Training

Harness momentum and enhance sports performance with progressive explosive movement complexes using the Russian KettleBell and Medicine Balls.  Motor learning strategies teach clients how to eccentrically decelerate and rapidly accelerate, creating a training stimulus that dramatically decreases the chance of injury while improving athletic performance. KettleBell exercises combined with progressive plyometric Medicine Ball drills train the body through all ranges and planes of motion with an emphasis on functional movement. Each Complex Training series combines a KettleBell exercise with a Medicine Ball drill to improve power endurance, quickness, balance, coordination and agility.

  • Equipment: 10-20lb KettleBell 1:1, 4-6lb Medicine Ball 1:1
  • CEC’s: ACE .2

F.I.R.S.T. Functional Integrated Rubber Resistance Strength Training Progressions

This workshop goes beyond the basics and examines methods and techniques that functionally strengthen the body with integrated exercise progressions and partner drills that involve coordination, balance, and body control. Learn critical body alignment, movement pattern and cueing techniques for each exercise progression and partner drill in an interactive, hands-on training session.  Learn how to apply the 3C’s! Communicate, Coordinate, Co-operate!

  • ACE .2 CEC’s
  • Equipment: Xertube, Braided Tube, Xercuff, Ultra Toner (SPRI) (all 1:1)

60 Minute Master Classes (NO CEC’s available)

  • Hard Core Abs and Backs with the Body Bar and the BOSU Balance Trainer
  • Below The Belt with Body Bar and Gliding Discs
  • Body Bar Strength and Conditioning Challenge
  • Ready, Set. Super Set!
  • ASAP Abdominals, Spine and Posture on the Stability Ball
  • Kickboxing for Dummies
  • Stability Ball Dynamic Flexibility and Functional Core Training
  • Pumping Rubber with the Xertube
  • Body Bar BURN Training 2007
  • Integrated Rubber Resistance Training for the Upper Body
  • Integrated Rubber Resistance Training for the Lower Body
  • Intervals Intertwined- interval training indoor cycling
  • King of the Hill-hill climbing workout
  • Hit the Road Jack-outdoor racing techniques indoor
  • Step I.T. Strong Athletic Interval Training on the Step
  • BOSU Integrated Balance Training
  • BOSU Core Synergy
  • BOSU Reactive Strength and Power
  • BOSU Strength and Athletic Conditioning for Personal Trainers
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Indoor Cycling
  • Intervals Intertwined, Indoor Cycling
  • My Favorite Endurance Ride, Indoor Cycling