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Kettlebell and Medballs - Go Ballistic

Kettlebell and Medballs – Go Ballistic – DVD

The perfect combination of equipment to enhance your balance, endurance and heart training.
Equipment Used:  SPRI® Kettlebell and Medicine Ball  Time: 57:00 Music BPM’s 132

Price: $19.95 Sale: $17.95

Kettlebell Total Body with Keli Roberts

Kettlebell Total Body with Keli Roberts – DVD

Combine ballistic, grind and core drills using total body intergrated explosive exercises.
Equipment Used:  SPRI ® Kettlebell  Time: 1:05  Music BPM’s: 132

Price: $19.95 Sale: $17.95

Kettlebell H.I.T.T. Supreme with Keli Roberts

Kettlebell H.I.T.T. Supreme with Keli Roberts – DVD

This high intensity interval training workout combines plyometirc movement with ballistic kettlebell exercises.  Equipment Used: SPRI ® Kettlebell  Time: 52:00 Music BPMs: 132

Price: $19.95 Sale: $17.95

Straight Up Sculpt – DVD

This workout concentrates on building the integrated strength of all muscles, enabling them to perform together with force, stability, endurance and coordination. With an emphasis on neutral and symetrical alignment, you will learn correct sculpting techniques for the whole body using a variety of equipment.

Price: $14.95


90-Day – 3 Month Program. 14 DVD’s featuring Keli Roberts, Gay Gasper, Greg Sims, Amy Bento, Patrick Goudeau, Gregg Cook and JB Berns using the Urban Rebounder.


Time Saver Workout – Breakthrough Lower Body & Core – DVD

Crunched for time? This fun workout will strengthen, sculpt and define your legs, buns and abs using only dumbells, a medicine ball and a mat,Each of the four six minute workouts involve a tri-set sequence that begins with an exercise utilizing the dumbbells followed by the same exercise using a medicine ball and finishing with a core exercise using the medicine ball. You’ll feel this workout right where it counts! The workout also contains a warm up and relaxing stretch routine.

No Longer Available

New Definitions – DVD

Define your body with this highly effective, super intense workout! Using dumbells and a step you will do mini-circuits that work on strength, endurance, core control and power. Each mini-circuit involves a lower body exercise, an upper body exercise and a power/plyometric drill. Repeat the whole circuit for two sets to build intensity and enhance the training effect, or if you are just starting or short on time, do just one set. The workout finishes with functional core work and a relaxing cool down stretch. This DVD demonstrates a progressive circuit training program desing that trains multiple componenets in a single session.

Price: $19.95 | Special: $17.95

Gliding – Booty Beautiful – DVD

Slide and lift your way to a brand new booty! Booty Beautiful combines Gliding TM with the Body Bar to give you the untimate total body workout with an emphasis on the lower body. With this highly effective program you’ll sculpt and tone where it counts!

The workout begins with fun warm up that introduces you to simple Gliding TM movements and follows immediately with an exciting non-stop workout that super sets Gliding TM and Body Bar exercises. You’ll do lunges, squats, rows, pushups and some killer core moves that flatten your abs and shape your whole midsection. Watch your body change and see results fast! So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time for a Booty Beautiful body !

Price: $14.95| Special: $12.95

F.I.T. Functional Integrated Training – DVD

Functional Integrated Training and Athletic Conditioning combines explosive movement with strength, agility, balance and quickness drills. This program develops integrated strength, core power and stabilization with flexibility using a medicine ball, dumbbells and a foam roller. The workout starts with an athletic warm up that concentrates on active and dynamic stretching to heat up the body and prepare the muscles and joints. Next you’ll work on quickness with a series of drills that will stimulate the nervous system and improve foot-speed. The conditioning phase utilizes a tri-set approach: a medicine ball drill, a dumbbell exercise and a power or plyometric drill. You’ll finish your workout using the foam roller for abdominal stabilization followed by myofacial release techniques designed to enhance flexibility and relaxation.

Price: $19.95 | Special: $17.95