I’ve been a fan of your fitness videos for a long time. I recently read an article where you talked about your eating disorder and exercise addiction. I was suffering from exercise addiction myself on and off for years, several years ago spending 2 hours a day on the Stairmaster after teaching a step and then a sculpting class virtually every day. I can’t tell you enough how much it touched me to read that you were able to come out about something so difficult. You’ve inspired me to go back to therapy and ensure that my life gets back and then stay on track for good this time. I really can’t thankyou enough, you truly are an inspiration. If nothing else, please know that you’ve helped one person”.

My name is Glory Simon and I have known Keli Roberts for 8 1/2 years. I first started taking her group exercise classes at Martin Henry Fitness Studio in June of 1994. I was 20 and had been exercising regularly for four years but was in the midst of a raging eating disorder (bulimia and compulsive overeating). I exercised all the time but was at least 25 pounds heavier than I am now. Keli’s classes really changed things for me. I had been taking step classes for a couple of years but Keli’s step class was completely different than any other I had taken. Her music was amazing. Her energy and motivation were like none other. Her choreography was always changing and we did lots of things I had never done before. In fact it was the first time I was having fun in an exercise class. At that time I also started taking her sculpt classes which I still take to this day. I have never taken another class that can challenge me the way hers can and I still feel safe. I really can’t speak highly enough of Keli. I feel like what I have written can’t begin to describe the amount of gratitude I have to Keli and what she has done for me in over eight years. I am happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Sincerely, Glory Simon 323 651-3007 – GLORYHAL@aol.com

You have truly been a blessing in my life. With her constant guidance and reassurance I am getting stronger and more fit daily. You are truly the most informed and knowledgeable trainer I have ever met. You know the science of the body and are able to articulate what I am doing, and why. Since I have been training with Keli my knees have not dislocated, and the aching I use to have from sitting has greatly subsided. Because of Keli’s vast knowledge and dedication to her discipline, I am a healthier and happier person today.
Sincerely, Sharyn L. Church

You are a remarkable teacher. Thank you for all of your energy.
Jill (Von Hartmann a member at Equinox)

Keli Roberts truly is a jack of all trades. She can teach just about any type of fitness class to any population and bring about results and love of exercise. From interpersonal communication to programming genius and impeccable teaching skills, Keli represents the type of quality act every fitness instructor should aspire to.I hope you’ll consider Keli for this year’s award. Let me just say that I’m glad to have already received this honor because competing with Keli would have been a tough hurdle when it comes to excellence!
Suzanne Nottingham , www.suzannenottingham.com, 760-935-4472

This morning i was wondering if you did any new stuff. While surfing on the net, at mygreat surprise, you have done more videos again. In my opinion, you arethe best video trainer I’ve never seen. I’ve done a lot of others andit’s only your style that really fits me. But I cannot find any of yourmaterials in store. Thank you for everything and keep on doing what you do.
Lilly Marcotte