Keli Roberts demonstrating GlidingGraceful, Lengthening, Integrated, Defining Exercise.

Gliding, created by Mindy Mylrea is deceivingly simple offering moderate instability, it is the perfect tool to enhance knee, hip, core and shoulder stability. The gliding action improves balance, strength and muscular endurance, joint stability, coordination and grace. Gliding performed slowly, emphasizes precision, thus allowing the user to move with better postural control.

Mindy Mylrea  2004 Can Fit Pro Instructor of the Year, 1999 IDEA International Instructor of the Year, World Aerobic Champion and mother of three boys, 25 years teaching experience and star of countless videos. Always known for her creativity, high energy and imaginative teaching style, Mindy “wanted to create something that engaged your muscles through the full range of motion of every exercise. A new form of movement that made basic exercises easier to execute for the beginner, more engaging for the intermediate and challenging for the advanced.�

Benefits of Gliding

  • Improved functional strength
  • Enhanced balance
  • Increased proprioception and coordination
  • Muscle shaping
  • Multi-directional/multi-planar/multi-muscle
  • Flexibility is enhanced
  • Posture and core strength is improved
  • Fun!



When you stand on Gliding Discs you must place the ball of the foot on the disc and your heel on the floor. This way your heel can act as a brake and help you maintain control of speed and range of motion.

Maintaining control of the speed of the exercise helps you work your muscles throughout the range of motion. Purposeful motion builds beautiful muscles and lessens the likelihood of injury. Progressing gradually and using speed as the last variable is most appropriate. As a footnote, I have been teaching Gliding for over a year and have found it to be a very safe form of exercise.

General recommendations

  • Specific warm up
  • Large muscle groups to smaller muscle groups
  • Control Speed and ROM
  • Heels stay on the floor when standing on discs.
  • Focus on posture and alignment
  • Move gracefully


Gliding Dynamic Duo: Squat and Pushup

Warm up 5-7 minutes doing simple gliding exercises, squats, lunges with arm reaches, etc.


  • Move slowly, gain control and focus on your posture.
  • Use the largest range of motion that you can control and is pain free.
  • For a 60 minute workout do 2 sets of each exercise as a super set, for example; Squat 12-16 reps, push ups 8-12 reps, repeat for two more sets.

1-Legged Squat

Lag leg side (works the lower body, glutes, quads, hamstrings as well as the adductors, abductors and core as stabilizers)

  • Stand on both discs with the ball of your foot in the center and heels on the floor.  Align your posture, eyes forward
  • Bend your right knee into a 1-legged squat while gliding the left leg directly to the side.  Sit your hips back and maintain your weight towards your heel. Alternate and repeat for repetitions


Dynamic Gliding

Works the pectorals, deltoids, triceps and the core as a stabilizer.

  • Assume a push up position either on toes or knees with both hands on the discs with the discs touching and hands close together.
  • Slowly bend your elbows as you lower your chest towards the floor between your hands. As you lower, glide your hands out to the side slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Push up to start position bringing the hands together in a smooth action simultaneously.

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