Core Training for Cyclists

Keli RobertsCheck out the following outline from a lecture I gave at a monthly Pasadena Athletic Association meeting where I was speaking, I thought it might be helpful for all you cyclists needing to do some core work off the bike. Read on…

Core Anatomy

  • Rectus Abdominus
  • External Oblique
  • Internal Oblique
  • Transversus Abdominus
  • Deep Spinal Rotators: Multifiti
  • Superficial Spinal Extensors

Functional Core Anatomy

  • Internal Obliques
  • Pelvic stabilizer
  • Torso rotation

The Deep Inner Unit

  • Transversus Abdominus
  • Spinal/Core Stabilizer
  • Compresses abdomen and internal organs
  • Works with diaphragm during exhalation

Deep Hip Muscles

  • Illiopsoas
  • Illiacus
  • The Hip Flexors
  • Pulls knee up

S.A.I.D. Principle

  • What are the sports specific demands?
  • Balance between Stability and Mobility
  • Flexibility, what and when?
  • Overuse injuries

Exercise Progression

  • Stability Balls (SB)
  • BOSU Balance Trainer (BT)
  • Foam Roller (FR)
  • Medicine Ball (MB)
  • Rocker/Wobble Board

Start Stabile

  1. Prone plank
  2. Side elbow plank
  3. Bicycle + obliques
  4. Crunch and sit-up
  5. Dead bug/Double Leg Stretch

Progress to Instability

1.SB prone plank + variations

2.SB push-ups + variations

3.SB supine torso rotation – washing machine + variations

4.SB Crunch + variations

5.MB multi-planar 1 legged dead-lift

Power Training + Explosive Movement

1.MB Russian Twist

2.MB Diagonal chop with pivoting lunge

3.MB Vertical chop to smash-down

4.MB Lunge and rotate matrix

5.MB Squat and swing

Muscle Balance

1.SB Back extension w – hip extension

2.SB Prone elbow plank hands on ball

3.SB Opposite arm and leg raise

4.FR Baby walks

5.FR Alternating Fly, feet together

Essential Stretches

1.Hip Flexor





6.Neck and shoulders

Thanks for your attention!

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